Hotfix Computer Support

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Virus Removal

Using the Lastest software we remove many stubborn viruses.

We install software, remove the virus, unistall the software.

Service charge only.

PC Health check

We run a number of scans.

Clean up trouble areas.

Make your PC run faster.

Remove problems slowing the computer down.


Setup Broadband.

Setup Wireless Network.

Internet connection problems.

WiFi Advice & security.

PC Training

Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Powerpoint.

Internet & Email.

Skype, Msn, Yahoo chat, Google talk and Mirc.

On Site PC Support

$45 per hour flat rate.

Hardware at cost price.

No fix - No fee
No Hassles.

' We Come to You! '.

On Site Computer Support for Small Business in Melbourne.

Photo: Jaako, Flickr ref:jaako/274477960/. © Creative Commons: Attribution  2.0. Have someone come to you to troubleshoot and solve your computer problems fast. No fix no fee and no hassles, $45 per hour flat rate!

PC Health Check

Our research suggests that people rarely have their PC serviced on a regular basis. This is surprising because many common computer faults are caused by simple neglect. Did you know that the number one killer of computer monitors is household DUST? Did you know that the Blue Screen of death (BSOD) is often caused by your computer overheating inside the case?

We are the experts when it comes to computer maintenance and with our PC health check you can have your computer running like new again. We go through a range of tests to monitor health of the hardware and software on your system.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security

Did you know that up to 60% of wireless networks in Australia configured insecurely? Ensure your private network is not accessible to anyone. We can set up your computer network to maintain maximum privacy and allow you to use you network knowing that is completely secure from the general public.

Wi - Fi network setup and configured for Telstra big pond, Optus Broadband and most Internet Service Providers.

Security Check

You need to be security conscious on the net! I will run a full security sweep over your pc and lock down your system tight to minimise the risk of virus infection and spam infiltration, I can setup porn blocking, advertisement blocking and a firewall (to block hacking attempts on your computer from the internet). I will also destroy any spyware found on your system. You will also get some valuable tips for keeping your PC and data secure in the future.

Computer Cleanup Reformat

OK, Your computer is playing up, loading slowly, throwing strange error messages or causing you grief. Guess what? There is a good chance you don't need to buy a new system. For as little as $45 per hour we can reformat your computer and install Windows and the drivers again to give you a complete fresh start with a clean system.

Computer Training

Are you stuck? Do you need help with some of your computer problems? Do you need a quick efficient solution to tying together some basic computer skills? Do computers daunt you? Haven't got the time for computer courses? STOP WORRYING, I can come to you! I can show you how to use your computer at home. From $45 dollars I can identify and tailor a solution for you individual computer needs.

Do you need some help to improve your computer skills? We can help. We provide training in 1 or 2 hour blocks and come to you. I am a patient mentor who explains what you need to know in a simple terms at your own pace.