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Distributer of computer hardware in Melbourne.

Hardware Installation Service

Hardware installed at cost price plus affordable service charge at $45 per hour flat rate.

Its time to get rid of that big old radiation-producing monitor. Don't expose yourself to it any longer. The new flat screen LCD monitors are great and the price has now fallen so much now that they are affordable for all. You wouldn't sit directly in front of the TV so why do it with a computer?

3 years ago - It cost over $1200 for a 17" LCD monitor. We can now replace your monitor and install a new flat screen 20" LCD Widescreen and remove your old CRT display for under $350. That is a great deal!

Hot hardware Specials

Wi-fi is affordable now - experience the freedom of being able to surf the net on your laptop from anywhere in the house, or sharing the Internet between the kids rooms without the need for physical wired network connections. Call us for a free appraisal of your home or office computer networking needs.

Custom build your next PC

Why buy a PC from the store when you can have it built to meet your specifications. You want 512 Ram, you got it, you want wide screen LCD you got it, you want Windows XP Pro with duel SLI AGP graphics you got it. If fact you can have it all delivered and installed at your convenience at the most reasonable price. Call us and tell us what you want.